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Collect and share insider tips with friends, worldwide!

Collect insider tips

clueny helps you to keep in mind insider tips you have discovered or from which you have heard or read great things. Thus your personal world map of insider tips evolves.

Share them with friends

clueny not only allows you to collect insider tips quickly, you can also share your tips with friends and converse in private chats.

Discover insider tips

Ask your friends for their best insider tips and recommendations or browse through the clueny discover area if you are planning vacation or if you want to discover new places.

Recommended by friends

You trust your friends - and they trust you! You know their sense of taste and you don't have to read spam, ads or fake reviews.

App Features

Collect with ease

Quickly collect your insider tips worldwide and access them with powerful search queries, whenever you need them.

Your personal world map

Over time, your personal world map of insider tips evolves.

Get inspired

Receive selected tips from the clueny team as inspiration.

Absolute control

You decide which tips from your friends are added to your personal list. You decide, which tips you want to share with your friends.

Private chat

Converse without interruptions and in private environment with your friends about extraordinary insider tips.


Each communication is conducted encrypted and under strict considerations of current safety standards.


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We love what we do!

There is no anonymous corporation or large business behind clueny - we are just 4 enthusiastic austrian discoverers: Heidrun Gruber-Größwang, Martin Daum, Juliane Gruber and Florian Größwang. We love to discover unexplored, stunning places. As a professional startup of creative minds it is essential for us to be trusted by our users and friends.

Thanks for downloading & have fun with clueny!